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An image created by DALL-E

AI's View of Utah

It is 2023: Pundits are using the term "artificial intelligence" to refer to a new class of text and image generators.

The text version of AI uses a language model that is able to generate text that is difficult to distinguish from human written text. AI programs like ChatGPT and have access to various internet archives.

You can ask AI a question. AI will analyze the pages in its archives and produce answers which appear knowledgeable.

Some people are using AI to generate forum posts and even web pages.

The current version of AI does not cite references. So, if it has bad input then it will create bad output.

I decided to experiment with AI. I will ask AI basic questions about Utah. The pages will all link to this page.

AI From a Publisher's Perspective

From a publisher's perspective, asking AI to produce content is similar to asking people. It costs less; however, the content currently does not include reference.

As an experiment I will use AI to produce web pages about Utah. Any page containing AI generated text will link to this page.

AI and Search Engines

Some big tech firms have started including AI features in their search results. The AI is essentially able to analyze a search query and present reasonable answers. This is likely to prove to be a challenge for web sites that depend on search engines for their traffic as users no longer need to click through to the source web pages.

AI Images

AI is great at producing fanciful images. The image generators have access to a huge library of images released with the creative commons license. You can give an AI image generator a response. The image generator will uses a variety of random number generators, stable diffusion algorithms and image filters to produce new images.

Since the new images were created entirely by machine, the copyright system currently considers the generated images to be public domain. So, it is possible to create large number of "original images" for use on web sites.

This page will show my AI Generated images.. The image at the top of the page shows people hiking up a mountain top to worship a Neon God they made.

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