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Squatty Potty is a firm from Saint George that discovered a primary reason for constipation and related digestive problems is the way people sit on the potty.

Our ancestors used to go into a tight squat to evacuate with legs and back forming a 35° angle. Toilets were designed with people sitting upright with backs and legs at a 90° angle. This angle is too shallow to fully open the colon and can cause health problems. The Squatty Potty is simply a step one can place around the toilet allowing people to form a better squat. The potty is especially good for kids whose legs would otherwise dangle off the potty.

The company also offers a spray to eliminate bathroom odors.

As for this review. Squatty Potty is running a Kickstarter Campaign for a poop emoji plunger.

Kickstarter Campaign that ends on 2017-08-23. The widget below has the details:

See Utah Color for more kickstarter campaigns from the Beehive State. The Squatty Potty video below talks a little about how toilets put people in the wrong position to poop.

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