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Utah Car Giveaway

KSL, Young Automotive Group, Deseret Digital Media & Bonneville International are holding a Utah Car Giveaway. One enters the site by giving the site your email address.

I assume that entering the contests puts people on a mailing list. I did not enter the contest; so I am not sure how emails one receives.

This brings up a good point. It is best to have at least two email address. One should have a personal address for families and career and a public address for ecommerce, contests and public communications. The public address is likely to get overloaded with spam.

Apparently KSL broadcasts keywords that you can enter on the site which will increase your changes of winning.

The really interesting thing about this contest is that it is hosted by KSL and Bonneville International which are groups directly owned by the LDS Church. The LDS Church is generally hostile to games of chance; So, I wonder if this contest is the result of a policy change at the church.

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